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appreciating the habit of randomness

formerly envinyatar15

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This used to be the journal of envinyatar15.

I'm Jules, fanfiction writer and a German from Berlin.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS JOURNAL CONTAINS DESCRIPTIONS OF EXPLICIT HETERO- AND HOMOEROTIC SEX SCENES, MEANT FOR AN ADULT AUDIENCE. Please do not read or friend this journal if this offends you or you are not of age in your country of residence to do so.

Any illegal activities discussed or depicted on this journal are fictional and for entertainment purposes only. This journal does not condone, encourage or abet illegal activity of any kind.

These entries are marked through warnings/ratings, so please stay away from such posts if you feel uncomfortable with the contents and/or aren't of age in your country of residence to view such material.

Of interest: (a.k.a. comms that I mod)

spn_j2_xmas: a Supernatural/CW RPS Christmas exchange

Jules's  book recommendations, reviews, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists